• Smart bidet

    Dive into a new dimension of cleanliness with the innovative BrookPad SplashLet cleansing toilet. Our devices, utilizing the latest in water technology, guarantee unparalleled hygiene and comfort. The advanced BrookPad SplashLet toilet, with its precise water streams, offers effective and gentle cleaning that outperforms traditional paper methods. Furthermore, thanks to its eco-friendly features, the SplashLet reduces paper use, aiding environmental protection. Every use of the BrookPad SplashLet toilet translates to an experience of freshness and purity that lasts all day, leaving you with a feeling of just stepping out of the shower. Join thousands of satisfied customers and care for your well-being with the BrookPad SplashLet toilet – a symbol of hygiene, innovation, and comfort in your bathroom.

  • Bidet Attachments

    Discover the EcoSplash non-electrical bidet attachment - the perfect choice for those seeking a functional bidet solution without the need for electricity. Easy to install, the EcoSplash allows for a quick transformation of a traditional toilet into a washing facility, offering an excellent alternative to toilet paper. With the option to connect to both hot and cold water, EcoSplash enables intuitive water temperature adjustment for maximum user comfort. Convenient nozzle access and easy cleaning ensure everyday hygiene and freshness. Regardless of the model, every EcoSplash is designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of a modern bathroom while elevating daily hygiene standards. Find out how easily you can enhance the comfort of your bathroom with EcoSplash.

  • How to choose

    Using pure water, our SplashLet bidet toilet seats and EcoSplash bidet attachments offer a refreshing and effective cleanse with just a push of a button, surpassing traditional methods like toilet seats and bidets, leaving you feeling shower-fresh throughout the day.

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